BULLHORSE / Toroballo

Name of the Specie

Buenos Aires, Argentina



Toroballos are a strange species in the world of the Animalario Cabustra. Both species, bulls and horses, have been brought from the Old Continent and here they have adapted well in humid and pampas areas. They symbolize the force that dominates and submits the weakest. They move in large herds and reach a large size, greater than a medium bull or horse. Females are easily identified because they have the body of a horse with the head of a bull. Males, on the other hand, have an equine body with two heads at the ends (the anus is located next to the testicles). They act like pets. They barricade themselves for long periods in a place that gives them shelter and grass to feed on, until there is nothing left but dung and mud. Few predators could dare attack them.


This mural has been painted in the most important Hippodrome in Córdoba, in La Rural, Casona del Jockey Club, Córdoba. 2018.


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