FOXEAGLE / Zorráguila

Name of the Specie

Northern, Argentina



It is not just any eagle, nor does it come from any fox. The zorráguila species juxtaposes the Aguará Guazú fox, highlighting its large size and enviable reddish fur, along with the Chaco eagle, whose claws get to lift a sheep, although their food is basically snakes, armadillos, rodents. They inhabit mostly arid areas and they can be found all over de southamerican continent.


The owner of this wall also owns the kiosk at the back side. I asked him for permission to paint a cow and then it was years before I saw him again. He did not recognize me, so I took the opportunity to ask him: what did they paint on the back wall? “Don’t tell me, they made me a horrible flying bat!” Then I said: “I can paint something instead if you want, a better one” And there he recognized me: “You are crazy! Now I love it!”. Despite everything, he looked quite satisfied.


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