SHIMA / Cetáceo Castor

Name of the Specie
The Cetacean Beaver

Ushuaia, Argentina



This species is called Shima. It was called like this by the Yamana, the original people of the lands of Ushuaia. Shima, means water. In his body, the humpback whale – scientifically known as “yubarta” – and the beaver of southern Argentina meet and coexist. How and why this species originated in Argentina is still a mystery since neither the beaver nor the yurbarts are native to these lands. There are legends and myths that explain his birth but the scientific evidence is not conclusive.


Although Shima was never painted in Ushuaia (the mural of the picture is somewhere in Córdoba), it was discovered when I went to the city of the end of the world to film a docufiction: The Polar Giant. In this short film Shima has an important appearance… we even saw her tail during a boat trip!


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