TROUTEASEL / Comadreja Trucha

Name of the Specie

Córdoba, Argentina



Popularly known as “The River Rat”, the Trout Weasel is an endemic species of the mountain region of Córdoba. On the one hand, the weasel is a marsupial that knew how to survive against large predators, such as the cougar and the deerwolf. While on the other hand, trout is a fish introduced to the country for the sport of fishing. It destroys the ecosystem because it does not belong to these rivers. The combination of both species is born from the need for the balance that nature makes: The species that is moved from its habitat, causing disasters in the process, along with a species that remains alive for generations in the same place.


This mural is located on the bridge at the exit of the Córdoba City Airport. Under the same bridge, there are other local species, such as the “Weaseel” (Weasel body and eel head, see picture). They appear as if they were actually promoting local fauna for the many recently arrived tourists.


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