Hora French


Date of Birth: 09/03/1982
Location: City of Córdoba, Argentina.

ABOUT ME Starting my career at the age of 16th, after receiving the First Prize in Art & Design, given by the University of Cambridge, I travel all over the world painting walls in the streets and my work consists in creating characters designs and surrealist worlds related to the cinema industry.


PRESENTATION Surrealist, fantastic and horror creatures, manifested in different disciplines such as streetart walls (stencil and muralism), illustrations and drawings, art installations, production designs for movies, and animations in 2D.


Individual Exhibitions:

“Ficcion” Fiction is a surrealistic installation similar to a theme park where you travel into a surrealistic world of creatures and huge sets such as a carrousel and stages. An art that is first shown on painted walls in the streets, and then taken inside to the Museum. Around 35 artists and volunteers assisted the artist in this exhibition. Museo E. Caraffa, Córdoba, March/June (2018).

“Animalario” in Plataforma Gallery, Agosto, Córdoba, Argentina (2013).

“Appetite” in Venus Delicatessen, Barrio Gótico of Barcelona, Spain (2009).

Collective exhibitions:

“Young Artists Córdoba” Contemporary Art Gallery Young Artists. Montamartre, París Francia (2019).

“Afuera” Munar Arte Space, Contemporary Art Gallery The White Lodge, Buenos Aires Argentina (2019).

“Arquitecturas” in Nodo 940 Gallery, Cordoba, Argentina (2016).

“Somos Nosotros” Museum of Contemporary Art of Salta, Argentina (2016).

“Bestiario” in Dinámica Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014).

“Animalpedia/Faunolario” in Kosovo Gallery with João Lelo (Sao Paulo), Córdoba, Argentina (2014).

“Espacios Públicos” in El Gran Vidrio Gallery, Córdoba, Argentina (2012).

“Procesos” La Paz Gallery, in Recoleta, Buenos Aires. (2012).

“Nat Dance” in Tienda Fuencarral, Cordoba. (2012). Muestra Internacional AFUERA!, coordinated by Cultural Center of España Córdoba, curated by Gerardo Mosquera (Cuba) and Rodrigo Alonso (Arg). (2010).

“Humor de la Calle” in Pasaje 17 gallery, curated by Dolores Casares, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2009).


“Festival Boreal” , This is Not A Zoo. Tenerife, Islas Canarias. (Sept 2019).

“No Hablo del Fuego” , curated by Anibal Buede, Museo Spilimbergo, Unquillo, Córdoba, Argentina (Nov 2015).

“Hola” , private commissioned, painting walls during a month at the Hotel Marigna, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain (Febr-march 2014).

“Bosque-jo”, performance that took place for a month at the Museum E. Caraffa, curated by mass-media. Córdoba, Argentina (Nov 2013).

“Muralistas Latinoamericanos” coordinated by Difusa Fronteira, painting walls during a month in Sesc Ipiranga, São Paulo, Brazil (2013).

“Paris Dakar” coordinated by Nueva Tribu, painting sets on the 9 tents of the rally in different places of Argentina (2009).

Art in Movies:

“El Gigante Polar” , The Polar Giant is a fictional documentary short film directed by Hora French, about the Antartica, and the film was shot in Ushuaia, southest city of Argentina (2019).

“Fiction” and “The Dancerpig Dream” where two short films written, directed and animated by Hora French, linked to the exhibition at the Provincial Museum E. Caraffa at Cordoba city Argentina. (2018).

Art Direction in Movies:

“Grimorio” upcoming film directed by Octavio Revol and produced by Cabustra Arts.(2019).

“Animal Moribus” , a Hollywood awarded film directed by Octavio Revol and produced by Cabustra Arts (2016).

“Pampa Round”, a short film directed by Octavio Revol and produced by Cabustra Arts (2014).


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