Dancer Pig

As soon as the FICCIÓN exhibition at the Caraffa Museum was over, we started drawing the first story: “dancerpig’s dream” is the first animated film chapter that tells how the creatures arrived at the Museum, brought there by El Viejo de la Bolsa. This animated short film was selected and sponsored by Córdoba’s audiovisual district.

If luck is on our side, we would be able to make the next 7 chapters to finish the series next year. For the first time, an EXTRAORDINARY FUNCTION is presented on the big screen by our production company Cabustra Arts at the Hugo del Carril Cineclub.

Pre-sale on that same night, Friday 14th at 8.30pm. @cabustraarts Ficcion 2018 #elsueñodedancer #poloaudivisual Tararára @soy.marcus Ijijiji @fedenbici @emibenzo @jeronimopiazzamusica The Reverend Sons Of  @agusford


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