Name of the Specie
Mico Leâo

Sâo Paulo, Brasil



They are small monkeys, named after the mane that surrounds their face. Prowlers of the trees and daytime habits, sleep in the cavities of the trees at night, and there they also seek refuge on hot days. Currently this species of monkeys also exists outside the fantastic world of Animalario Cabustra. More precisely in Brazil.


The mural I was painting was near the Museum of Natural Sciences. Once, I went to the Museum and I drew lots of exotic and stuffed animal drawings. I left fascinated. However, what I could not represent in a drawing was what I saw soon after, on my way back to Sesc to continue painting. I felt a shadow pass over me, a bright Brazilian sun, I looked up and there they were, a family of Mico Leao Dourados, silently walking on the light cables. Until I noticed that it was a herd when I saw others on high walls and also very tall trees.


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