is populated by many animal species hidden or waiting to be discovered. My research started 8 years ago and I am after these unusual species ever since. Know one thing for sure: Animals belong to their Habitats, and not to any of us. However, their existence depends eventually in our behaviour towards them. My plan consists in travelling and getting to know about different cities and its faunas. Somehow, in my trips, new species always come up, based on facts or based on popular tales people tell me. You can also be part of this wonderful living world by helping me find cities and public walls where to paint on, It could be almost anywhere. I am opened to new ideas. I believe it could also be interesting to work with schools and workshops, among others. I think that sharing all this is a way of opening our minds, specially, our imagination. And a way of learning about what breathes around us, getting involved with our environment and finding purposes for staying alive.

So I invite you to enter to “The Animalario of Cabustra” and play with your imagination.


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